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  • Do I have to register to attend?
    Yes please, it does help us plan and make sure Tundras to Sedona remains a community focused event. We limit the event size even though it's free, so let us know if the event is sold out, and we'll get you on the waitlist and into early registration for next year.
  • What happens if it rains?
    We get wet. This event is all about being outside in nature, so if Mother Nature sends us rain, we get rained on. Be prepared and you’ll have a great time, Rain or Shine.
  • Is alcohol allowed?
    Yes, in fact some say they require it in order to tolerate us. This is however a family friendly event, so use your best judgement in consumption.
  • I have kids, can they come too?
    Of course! This is a family friendly event and we encourage families enjoy it together! Camp is always full of kids running around and getting dirt stains together - that’s why we do this!
  • Where do we pee and poo?
    Does a bear something something in the woods? Yes, and so shall we. This is primitive camping - there are no services at all - not a single luxury. There is no running water. There are no vault toilets or porta potties.. We suggest a bucket-style portable camping toilet and a small privacy tent. Both can be found at most outdoor retailers or online for a reasonable price. Our sponsors try to help us out and provide port-o-potties to use, but it isn't always a guarantee. Come prepared!
  • Can I attend if I don't own a Tundra?
    The event is called Tundras to Sedona, but friends and family without Tundras are welcome to hang out with us and learn the error of their ways. Tell them to bring a healthy appetite for good-natured ribbing about their vehicle choice.
  • I can't stay for the full event, can I even attend at all?
    Absolutely! We know schedules are hard and not everyone can take off for a week, and not everyone has weekends off. That’s why we planned this to be a week long - show up and leave whenever you want!
  • I've never been offroad, are there beginner trails?
    Heck Yeah! The whole point of Tundras to Sedona is to get people using their Tundras off road, and to that end, we have a great selection of beginner trails and a handful of experienced drivers willing to share their knowledge and show you just what you and your truck can do. Run-on sentences are fun.
  • Can my stock 4x4 Tundra handle the trails?
    For Sure! Parker and the surrounding area has plenty of trails that any stock 4x4 Tundra can enjoy.
  • Can my stock 2WD Tundra handle the trails?
    Some. There are a bunch of trails around Parker that are perfect for stock 2 wheel drive Tundras. There will likely be a group that wants to do longer pavement drives to see the wider area around Parker, the Colorado River and Alamo Lake - this is a great way to see the sights also.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Yes, the forest is for all the animals no matter how many legs they stand on. Dogs that are not dog-friendly or kid-friendly should be kept at home. Please don't be offended if someone asks to have rowdy dogs leashed. There are a lot of people, activities and noises at camp, and not every dog responds well to all the action, so please consider Fido's feelings as well when deciding to bring them along.
  • Is food provided or available?
    Only if you’re really nice to James and he shares some leftovers from his Dutch Oven Delight. Other than that, everyone is expected to provide their own food and drinks for the duration. There are convenience stores close enough to get to on a whim, and grocery stores are just a bit farther, but accessible should you forget something or need to resupply during the trip.
  • Can I bring my travel trailer, or pop-up camper?
    Certainly! There are no RV hookups for electricity, water or waste though, so you’re going to have to be self sufficient and self contained until you can find an appropriate place to dump... see what we did there? Dump. Haha. Yes, we're twelve years old.
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