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How It All Began...

Tundras to Sedona began with a simple idea between a few people looking for a new place to camp away from Southern California. Sedona came up in the conversation and a local Arizona Tundra owner offered to setup the trip.

A circle was drawn on the map around Sedona to include San Diego, and when that circle encompassed LA, Las Vegas, Durango, Albuquerque and El Paso, an open invitation was given to anyone who wanted to join. The first year saw 35 Tundras in attendance from as far as Houston, Texas.

Today, Tundras to Sedona is a six day event, hosting over one hundred Toyota Tundras in the forest outside of Sedona, Arizona. We perform volunteer trail maintenance and campsite repairs for the Forest Service, and then enjoy those trails in our trucks. We host a raffle of truck accessories and camping gear donated by our sponsors, and every dollar raised goes to charity.

​We believe camping should be free, so there is no charge to attend - everyone just shows up and has a great time. Kids and pets are welcome at this family-oriented event.

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